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Lullhaven Research awarded Maine Technology Institute Seed Grant

Jan 16, 2009

Reader for Lateral Flow Infectious Disease Tests, Lullhaven Research LLC - Windham. Lullhaven Research has in development a handheld reader for analyzing lateral flow cassettes used in health monitoring.

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Corporate Overview

Lullhaven Research LLC is a Research and Development company dedicated to expanding on technical and scientific principles to better our lives and our environment. Our diverse expertise in technology development gives us a unique ability to quickly and efficiently research, evaluate, and market existing and emerging technologies.

To date we have developed a number of instruments focused on the monitoring and analysis of medical and environmental conditions. Our technologies are currently being evaluated by companies throughout the US with worldwide markets. We have also presented technologies to the US Government, and Department of Homeland Security.

Our largest product line is a series of instruments used to measure colorimetric test strips. These test strips are best known for measuring Chlorine and pH in pools and spas, but in reality there are hundreds of different applications. Our instruments use patent pending optical sensor configurations with proprietary software algorithms and provide results in seconds with the accuracy of medical grade instruments. Currently we are working with a number of environmental companies who wish to private label our technologies and distribute through their marketing channels. We are not limiting the market of these instruments with environmental applications only. Our business goal is to use our technologies to bring medical testing from the doctor’s lab into the home. Our instruments will be used by individuals who have medical conditions that require constant monitoring, people who are concerned with the general state of their health, and athletes who are concerned with overexertion or the effectiveness of their workout. This product line has been marketed under the name Home Test Lab™.

In addition to the Home Test Lab™ product line, Lullhaven has a number of other technologies in development in a fast paced tract to marketing. Currently we have a number of prototype instruments used to monitor and detect trace amounts of harmful materials mixed in with complex backgrounds in air. These instruments, still in development, have demonstrated their ability to graphically display certain harmful toxins mixed with exhaust fumes (diesel and gasoline), peroxide based liquids, and many other materials. This project is working toward cooperative agreements with the US Government, and other sensor based technology companies.

We continue to expand our intellectual property base and plan to bring many of these technologies to the main stream marketplace in the coming years. Our current technology pipeline for development is over a dozen products deep in various applications around the home, in industrial environments, and military applications. We will continue to grow one product at a time, and expect to bring great thing to the world in the coming months and years.

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